About Me


My involvement with Golden Retrievers began in the early 1970’s when a great friend bought her first Golden Retriever. In 1975 I was lucky enough to get a pup of my own from this same kennel. This pup “Blair” was a loving and loyal member of our family for 15 years and marked the beginning of my association with The Golden Retriever.

I became interested in breeding in 1991 and had my first litter out of a lovely little bitch which was purchased in 1988 from the Braydan Kennel. Since 1999, I have bred a litter each year. I breed purely for pleasure, and my aim is to produce Golden Retrievers to the Breed Standard with an emphasis on health, temperament, personality and the suitability to be the ideal family pet.

About Nedlezah

I live in East Ayrshire on a small working farm and at present have eight Golden Retrievers. My dogs have free access to approximately 8 acres of land. They swim in our ponds and they also enjoy the comforts of our house! I am a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme, The Scottish Kennel Club, The Golden Retriever Club and The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland.

All my dogs have low hip scores and hold up to date clear eye certificates.

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Thanks To…

I would like to thank Sheenagh Hay (Weirston) for all the encouragement and advice she has given me and for allowing me to use Weirston Hot Shot (Ramsay) on my bitches many years ago.

Thanks to Cathy McShane (Rigerin) for always being there as my agony Aunt! Many thanks also to Gail Greig (Cranngary) for her love of my Goldies. My thanks also go to Pamela Hill (Megarvey) and Sharon McCormack (Flyngalee) who have guided and assisted me in so many ways.